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Container restaurant | The container version of Container restaurant | The container version of "Thousand and Thousand Seeks" is super eye-catching, the best to eat is the same pig!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::377  2023-01-10

Recently, the return of "Thousand and Thousand Seeks" to

the screen caused the revelry of Hayao Miyazaki fans,

who captured a large number of box office with their feelings.

 Many fans said that they had new insights after

watching it again at different stages of life.

 I still remember that there were

many delicious Japanese restaurants at the beginning of the film.

A Taiwanese restaurant imitated a container restaurant for this scene.

The same delicious food will not become a pig~
This restaurant, named Zhuanzhuan Shao,

 is located on the fourth section of Zhongshan Road in Taiwan,

next to the main road.

 There are many dense shops nearby.

At first glance, it creates a big scene of "Thousand and Thousand Seeks".

In order to expand the business area,

a tent is set up in front of the restaurant,

and a simple outdoor dining area is enclosed.

 It is paved with wood boards to create a dry environment.

There are several wooden tables on it, which are very grounded.

When you enter the store, you can see a clear container,

which is decorated with bricks and tiles in the style of Japanese architecture,

and the box body is painted red.

If you don't look carefully, you can't think it is just a container.

Lanterns are hung on both sides, which is the atmosphere of Japanese food stores.

The upper part of the box is hollowed out

and used as a window for passing vegetables.

From here, you can see the production room directly.

 The clean and tidy environment makes diners feel more comfortable.

Even the walls of the manufacturing room are pasted with blue bricks in detail,

making the whole container look more like a real building.

There are many small elements of "A Thousand and a Thousand" in the restaurant.

A faceless man standing on the cashier's desk makes people want to touch more.

The food in the store is also very mouthwatering.

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