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Container restaurant | A container house where you only want to fall in love, a fresh and comfortable experience
Publisher: Beri  Page view::369  2023-01-11

"I think you must be very busy, so just look at the first three words."

I have to say, unfashionable love talk is really a set!

I can't help talking about a sweet love now~

I still want to express myself in a sweet and greasy restaurant!

This is the [Meet You] restaurant located at 35 Huashan Road,

Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan.

It is a combination of multiple containers.

The exterior of the building was painted with various colors of Makaron,

 and became the focus of the street.

Just the name "meet you" is a pun.

It can be guessed that this is an interesting soul restaurant.

There is a special photo area beside the box,

a small stool+puppet bear,

 and a door design like a vending machine.

Who can stand it!

When you enter the restaurant,

you can see the elements of "net red" and "girl heart" everywhere,

and the overall environment is very sweet and greasy.

Although it has been transformed,

the frame of the container is still clearly visible

and just forms a ready-made dining stand.

The "Blue Zone" will place some beverage machines and ice-cream machines,

while the "Pink Zone" will focus on decoration,

 which is the dining area for girls.

In addition to various physical decorations,

there are many interesting graffiti in the store,

which adds a lot of interest to the monotonous wall.

Even delicious food seems to be full of artistic sense,

 which makes people drool!

Pictures courtesy of Vanessa