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Container school | after watching the whole process of container building construction in 4 minutes, you can go on!
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Introduction on Tuesday · container school

--Today's site: Sri Lanka--


This is one of the largest buildings of the latest project of advantis engineering.

The object is "gateway", a brand dedicated to providing language learning

 opportunities for ordinary people through the establishment of language

schools. It provides people with a special form of education and a strong

social education atmosphere. To this end, they built this container language school in batticlo.




Advantis engineering's converter is a new space solution,

It uses upgraded freight containers that meet ISO standards. It is expected that these devices

Its service life is 25 years, and all after-sales service and maintenance are provided by advantage engineering.



The prefabrication and modularization features of convertainers enable them to be customized,

To meet any specific needs, even without interrupting ongoing operations

In order to save time and money, the structure of the device is added under the condition of high efficiency.




Although from the appearance, this yellow school looks like

It's an ordinary building, but as long as you watch the construction

video above, you can see itYou'll find that they're stacked one by one,

Finally, a layer of plywood is laid on the outer layer to make the building look more complete.





As for the inside of the school, it is mainly concise,

Including a number of conference rooms, multimedia classrooms

Computer room, office and so on, for students and teachers to provide a room

Comfortable and perfect learning and education environment is

 conducive to the construction of school literature atmosphere.