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Container Art | how to display architectural aesthetics with color in other people's homes
Publisher: Beri  Page view::301  2021-05-05

This is a new container building in South Korea,
Expansion project of national theater company of Korea (ntck),
As a social space, its bright and unique shape makes the whole park full of vitality and more attractive.

In order to show the aesthetics of modular architecture,
Urbantainer, a maritime container design studio, uses bright colors and aligned architectural axes,
Integrate the old and new buildings.

The container social space is located in the central 

green space of the park, which is arranged in an orderly interval,
The steel frame serves as the support, and the wooden platform surrounds the front of the building,
The container end plate on the left side of the first floor and the floor to floor 

windows in the aisle are fully illuminated to create a good light system inside and outside

"Adjustment" and "flexibility" are the core of the whole architectural design,
The architect created a 12 meter long open space without interior columns,
It includes a front hall, public lounge, coffee shop and bar.

 The light comes in through the glass on both sides, which is spacious and bright.

What is more worth learning is that the designer 

installed some movable walls in the interior,
At the same time, it can also maximize the use of mobile screen, projection wall and stage elements,
Even the bar counter is equipped with two sliding doors, which make it easy 

to move and open space, creating a dynamic multi-functional activity space.

The designer creates a bright indoor atmosphere through the light colored walls, 

and the painted concrete floor looks brighter,
Echoing with the bright red outside, pairs of desks create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, 

which shows the characteristics of drama company.

Pictures courtesy of 建筑学院