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Container Art Museum | toy model structure, create a new model of exhibition!
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Container Art Gallery

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In container building, the modules tend to be fixed in structure,

Therefore, the differences and characteristics of architecture are only realized

by different stacking methods.But in addition to the stacking of the units,

 the windows on the modules are cutIt is also one of the ways to make it different,

especiallyin the fixed structure of the module cutting is very easy to achieve.






The dark blue container building project is from the South

Village Art Gallery in South Korea, located in the countryside,

The dark blue building shell is harmonious with the blue of the sky,

 and is full of vitality in the surrounding green plants.

The project is composed of three containers, similar to the layout of toy model.

The bottom container carries the weight of the top two containers

and is fixed with steel frame. At the same time, many rare circular windows are cut

 on the container body, which makes it different from the ordinary container building






The entrance of the museum is located at one end of the

container module on the ground floor, and the originally closed wall of the

 container is cut with a holeIt is a rectangle for single person topass through,

and a door with Giraffe pattern is installed.The walls inside the box are decorated with particleboard,

 but the walls used to display the paintings are kept blank to reduce the impact of other visual effects.






The narrow staircase in the building can lead to

the second floor space, which is limited by the modular structure,

The staircase is designed for single person only. But there are still paintings

 hanging on the walls,Because the narrow passage is also a perfect gallery.

In addition, incandescent lamps and windows will be installed to enhance the indoor light.




The interior design of the art gallery creates a relaxed atmosphere like a coffee shop.

 The gallery on the second floor has a lot of rest tables and chairs,

And many circular windows of different sizes were cut on the wall of the box - this design

not only created a lively architectural style for the art gallery,

At the same time, it also brings plenty of light to the room. The card holder set by

the window can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. If you feel that the field of vision is not wide enough,

There is also an outdoor terrace between the two container modules on the second floor to provide different viewing conditions for tourists. The design of the museum creates a new model for exhibition viewing.