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Container community space | outdoor bar and playground, new "old area" with "old box"!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::293  2021-05-12

Introduction on Wednesday · container community space

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The outdoor environment of pet friendly and relaxing for family gathering is

an indispensable public activity place in the community. People can

enjoy art buildings, experience pop-up market and conduct non-profit activities in

this area, and promote the creation of different urban life styles【 The eddy] is a collaborative community space in the center of Rino, Riverside trail, to build public activities for the whole community nearby.






The establishment of the eddy aims to create a space for nearby residents to play outdoors, watch and experience local art, play free yard games, listen to live music, participate in free fitness courses, etc., and enrich their daily life. Therefore, the community space is not only attractive with its novel architectural appearance, but also equipped with many outdoor game venues and facilities.






Some indoor card seats are integrated into the cut containers, which can provide

shelter even in rainy days when it suddenly turns overcast. When planning to build the space,

Reno city has passed the plan of building and repairing the old buildings. The vacant area

 on the south side of traji has ushered in the best opportunity for renovation. The selection of low environmental impact container modules also reflects the highest standard of "restoration".





The activity space of the community includes Bocce stadium, various dining cars,

 three bar areas, places for sitting and meeting, and container buildings full of local art graffiti.

 These buildings are mainly decorated by artistsUse a variety of material elements to create:

street graffiti art, wood and metal sculpture, etc. Weekend nights attract young people.





Visitors can choose to go to the transport containers where bars and catering services are located,

There will be 24 kinds of beer, tap water

Wine and cocktails, etc. The community space is a good place to hang out,

At the end of the summer day, you can have an aperitif here before you go to the restaurant.