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Container public art丨PIFF Pavilion Busan International Film Festival venue
Publisher: Beri  Page view::273  2021-05-17


Since 1995, Busan, South Korea has held an International Film Festival every year.

 In 2006, a new symbolic building appeared in haiyuntai bathing beach in Busan.

The venue of Busan International Film Festival, PIFF Pavilion,

is a temporary facility built with 32 40 foot shipping containers.

Inside, there are PIFF center, VIP seats, audience coffee shop,

interview hall and conference hall providing all kinds of information.

PIFF Pavilion is made of containers, wooden decorations and tents.

This design is designed to show the exotic style and unique celebration atmosphere that can highlight the festival.

 From the appearance of the large tent, all are white, but the place connected

with the white beach is red, which emphasizes the clear visual effect.

The rest hall facing the sea can make the film media participants feel comfortable.

Exhibition area in PIFF Pavilion

In the next few film festivals, we can also see the figure of container building.

PIFF Pavilion is gorgeous and lively at night.

Exhibition hall on the beach

Haiyuntai is a famous tourist attraction in Busan City, South Korea.

The beach of haiyuntai is a beautiful scenery. The beach is covered with thick fine sand,

which is as soft as jade. Sitting on the white beach, blowing the sea breeze, how pleasant~

Pictures courtesy of  PIFF PAVILION