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Container Park moat company for the welfare of employees, shopping malls, sports grounds, theaters are moved to the park
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Container park on Wednesday

--Today's site: Paris, France--




The company wants more benefits for its employees图片

A series of new living places have been explored图片






ICADE, a famous real estate group, has many offices,

It has 220 Tenant Companies and 16000 employees. Two years ago,

We want to completely redesign these spaces through a series of projects,

To improve the life and quality of life of workers.






Vegetable garden, sports meeting, theater... Many activities have been set up,

So that they can flourish under the best conditions,

All activities are environmentally friendly. from now on,

Their label is "Park of excellence", exploring services for the well-being of employees.






The project has invested a lot of money to

 improve the quality of life and

The comfort of employees, at the same time,

they also establish social relations.






This large smart room with unique design is a living space,

Companies can rent meetings, meetings or relax.






Tenants can adjust the room at will, the furniture

 is completely adjustable!They can take advantage of

the existinglarge furniture, tables, chairs and platforms.







ICADE pays attention to the physical fitness of

employees andbuilds large sports venues! Insep (national sport,

Coaches from the Institute for professional and performance

 studies come twice a week to offer sports courses to employees.





ICADE also provides a vegetable garden for its employees.

.So they have the opportunity to take horticultural courses,

Learn to grow your own fruits and vegetables, be able to

taste them and even take them home.





In addition to providing different activities, ICADE is also committed to

invigorating the outdoor space so that employees can live and share together.

For example, there is a "country square" with a cafe so that people can have a drink in their leisure time.






ICADE also built food trucks so that its employees

 can taste food from all over the world.

They also have the opportunity to relax on the vast

grass and enjoy the giant street art of murals.






To highlight small creators who may not necessarily be able to

 present their products,ICADE set up pop-up stores to rent at very low prices.

As a result, these people can highlight their work, and companies can find their works and even buy them.





ICADE is committed to well-being, comfort and quality of life.

Organize seminars to let employees relax.

For example, play games and exercise during the lunch break.






In addition to all these hobbies and services, ICADE also focuses on culture, especially drama and music,

To entertain its employees. This project will redesign the perfect industrial space

For dynamic and substantial living space, let employees have a strong sense of belonging.