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Container Public Art丨The Three-dimensional Giant Swiss Cross
Publisher: Beri  Page view::255  2021-05-26

In 2008, in order to welcome the European Championships,

Switzerland specially created a giant Swiss Cross-the Swiss Cross.

From March to May 2008, this giant Swiss Cross was shown touring in the

big cities of Switzerland's neighboring countries, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt in Germany,

Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France and Milan in Italy.

The three-dimensional Swiss cross constructed from five red and white shipping containers

was actually one of the promotional activities organized by the Swiss government at that time.

White symbolizes peace, justice and light, and red symbolizes struggle and patriotic passion.

Visitors from various cities can experience Switzerland in different faces,

and at the same time warm up for the European Championships.

There was such a slogan at that time, "Switzerland. One more to discover",

which means that Switzerland is a place of constant exploration and discovery.

Have you noticed that the Swiss cross, as a symbol, is a plus sign "ten".

Under the background of the new era, this plus sign has been given a new meaning,

open, unique, fashionable, and beautiful natural landscapes waiting for more tourists to appreciate.

 The uniqueness of the cross-shaped container lies

in the left and right boxes erected at the horizontal ends,

which is full of the feeling of a fresh era.

The following is a close-up of the production details.


Pictures courtesy of Swiss Cross