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Container leisure art | Color painting is exclusive to the gate, and the container is like a dream!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::248  2021-05-31

When it comes to painting on architecture,

the first thing that comes to mind is definitely graffiti.

However, there are many ways to paint. Just from the types of paintings,

it can be divided into oil paintings, prints, watercolors, gouache paintings, sketches, and so on.

Remove graffiti can be "on the wall", in fact, color painting is also possible! If you don’t believe me,

why not come and see this dream street named after dreams?

This is [Shalu Dream Street], located at No. 142, Section 7,

Taiwan Avenue, Shalu District, Taichung City,

near Providence University. A blue path is opened next to a distinctive 7-11 convenience store.

You will find that this is a dreamy side street different from the real world.

The ocean blue style is colorfully painted,

attached to the On the gate of the container store,

it is as lifelike as if you have come to heaven.

The topic selection of color painting conforms to the theme of "Dream Street",

and is mainly based on dreams. All kinds of wings, just ask which girl can stand it!

There are also suspended crosses, abstract female portraits,

cool male player portraits, etc., all making this a popular photo spot.

And another hottest check-in point is this colorful "basketball wall".

This spatial design is very full. Taking pictures from a certain angle is like

entering the world of basketball—the whole world is only left. Play basketball.

How can there be no court with basketball?

The outdoor basketball court uses the same ocean wind as the Dream Street,

and the entire ground is painted blue. Perhaps the youthful vigor is like this!

Even the containers behind are decorated like blue sky and white clouds.

Turning around is the girl's favorite "heart-shaped swing",

the pink and tender look directly hits your girl's heart!

Behind it is a color-stitched bus, and there is also a double-layer container viewing building

that is most suitable for a concave multi-person shape.

It feels that the creation process is a stack of containers that are divided into two.

In addition to the popular photo check-in spots,

Dream Street also has some small bars,

small restaurants and merchandise shops for tourists to rest.

They are all transformed from one or more containers

to fit the container theme of Dream Street.

Pictures courtesy of  Shalu Dream Street