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Container Public Art丨The Art Box Artist's World
Publisher: Beri  Page view::240  2021-06-03

The Art Box is located on the boardwalk in the beach town of Jersey Shore,

a natural forest rebuilt by the US government.

Morey's Piers is the famous creator of Art Box.

This project was built using 11 containers.

There are also different styles of painting on the container surface.

Visitors can experience a visual and auditory art feast here.

Friends who admire the beautiful scenery on the boardwalk can boldly roll up their trousers,

which is the tradition of The Art Box.

The Art Box is an art gallery that integrates the cultures of different countries.

 The museum has a museum shop, live music and entertainment programs,

 5 local art studios, and of course a cafe offering fresh sushi...

The Art Box is open from 4pm to 12pm~ Come and stroll in the evening,

enjoy the artworks, you can improve your artistic accomplishment~

The paintings of each container surface are painted by different artists,

and the editor of the world of artists expresses their admiration.

There are many exhibitions in The Art Box, such as glass art, handmade jewelry and sketches~

The ocean painting in the middle gives people a very mysterious feeling.

Those who are afraid of the ocean should look at it carefully.

Nostalgic artworks are my favorite

Pictures courtesy of The Art Box