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Indonesia container library designed by Surabaya
Publisher: Beri  Page view::983  2021-06-05

Indonesia container library designed by Surabaya



These modular boxes are suitable for a variety of purposes, cheap,

and have a certain symbolic significance, expand the horizons of children

who come to the library to read books, and lead them to travel to

every corner of the world where the container has been. The library is

located in a small agricultural town, and there is a disharmony between

the contemporary city and the countryside; The gap between the rich and the

poor is also growing. The project aims to provide more than 6000 books and

a completely free clinic for local people to improve their quality of life.

Each color of the container has its own different functions: the blue is the

entertainment and popular books area; The outward extending red container

creates a circular outdoor reading platform, which is a science and technology

book area; The Yellow container is the reading area for

women's books; Green container is the hall space to welcome guests.

In addition to the container, the building components only have the

supporting foundation and steel frame. The container becomes the perfect building component,

with its unique characteristics to show the broad world outside the

Batu area to the children. The library has also transformed

the local area from a suburban town into a contemporary city.