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Container supporting facilities | the container watching and leisure area on the stadium is in contrast to the commercial environment of the city
Publisher: Beri  Page view::235  2021-06-08

A unique container building can provide a leisure atmosphere life image for the city,
In turn, it contrasts with the complexity and development of the business environment.

Container is a kind of cargo loading tool, which is now used as a platform for tourists.

 In order to make people have a better experience of watching the game, the company,
A container based stadium viewing area was established locally.
Every container is polished and painted by the supplier. 

The stairs and steel structure are built on site, perfectly combined with the container.

On the whole, with container as the main body, the steel frame can act on 11 seismic structures.
Unique architectural style, through a series of design, 

longitudinally accommodate different indoor and balcony.

The first step in the construction phase is to treat the concrete magma in order 

to draw a horizontal plane where a layer of modules are installed.
The second is to install the steel structure to receive the second floor modules.

 Third, in order to better match the architectural style,
The floor is decorated with pine, so that people can stand in the building and watch the ball game.

The structure of the container can be open or closed.
This structure is suitable for various spatial layouts, including 

the architecture involved and the different schemes contained in each unit.

The unique industrial buildings and stadium facilities built by the suppliers 

provide people with a comfortable watching experience,
Combined with the architectural style of the local city, 

to give people an ideal comfortable environment.

Pictures courtesy of Muscle Milk and Monster Milk