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Underground container village | walking on the bus box, the most unlike office building in history!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::948  2021-06-21

Introduction on Monday · container underground Village

--Today's site: Portugal--




With the attention of corporate culture,

Some companies are following

"Free office" can be realized.

The working environment is

 no longer restricted

In the regular office building,

A pile of scrap iron boxes on

 the street can also be used,

The key is the space of creativity.

Look, the bus is on the iron box!











This design is full of creativity and difficulty

It's a nostalgic bar in Reese's local village,

The inside of the car was transformed into independent

 seats,The right place to sit is by the window,

It can meet the demand of sightseeing. At the same time,

There is also an open mixing room.

When night falls, it will be very busy here.










If you think it's an entertainment building, you're wrong to see it here. this

The real English name in the Chinese language is "village underground Lisboa",

It is the cooperation space of creative activities and the place of cultural activities.

For those who want to work in such cyberspace,There are 60 available locations,

which are a space of creativity, culture and cool.












Lisi local Xiacun is containerized by 14 sea shipsBox and 2 disabled buses,

The design color of the exterior wall of the building is particularly colorful,

It seems that the idea of freedom here is promoted by color,It also makes it

 the most eye-catching place in a ten mile radius.Every box can be a

canvas for creation,Street art graffiti can be seen everywhere.















Inside, each container can be shared by five people,The price ranges

 from 150 to 200 euros per person per month,On site hardware support

includes wireless InternetPower supply and air conditioning,

etc,Tables and chairs need to be brought by the entrepreneurs themselves.