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Under the epidemic situation, the mobile hospital is really very convenient!
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Although half of 2020 has passed, the global covid-19 epidemic is still severe.

In order to meet the medical needs in special cases,

the construction company [WZMH architects] designed an intelligent test and sorting point for covid-19.

The citizen care cabin combines technology and modular design,

and was created in less than a month by a multidisciplinary team composed of Canadian WZMH architects,

PCL architecture, insight enterprises and Microsoft.

The project aims to create a "customized mobile test unit to help reopen the economy", i

ntegrates technology and modulation,

 and seeks to provide support for the government,

companies and communities to return to work safely.

The modular building is used for convenient transportation and rapid completion,

 allowing covid-19 to be tested outside the public laboratory, such as in the traffic jam environment,

in order to assist in detection, screening, and finally large-scale vaccination.

[citizen care pod] is a 6m or 12m long control cabin equipped with 4 to 10 test stations,

 which can physically and safely separate patients from health care professionals.

The medical equipment and household appliances

and furniture of the unit have been fully equipped,

which can be quickly delivered, supported and installed through

transportation and hoisting, with strong adaptability.

Pictures courtesy of  ArchDaily Brasil