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Container observation deck | it's enough to stack a few iron boxes from a high place and look far away! It can be moved away after use ~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::586  2022-06-18

It is a wise and convenient choice to build modular buildings in the scenic spot.

As a temporary building,

it can be completed quickly when needed,

and can be easily evacuated when used,

without much impact on the surrounding environment.

This building material was used in the rice field exhibition

 on Bolang Avenue in Dongshan, Taiwan

to create a viewing platform for climbing high and looking far.

There are no other buildings in the scenic area,

which has a beautiful natural landscape.

The observation deck is set in the middle of the scenic area as the target building.

There is a mobile toilet at the entrance to facilitate the needs of tourists.

There is also a container nearby,

which is used as a temporary indoor rest area.

The whole white design of the viewing platform

makes it very small and fresh in the green rice fields.

Several containers on the building are connected by steel structures,

and the bottom of the platform is set in the form of a fence,

which can facilitate drainage and keep dry,

but tourists need to be careful when walking.

In order to ensure personal safety,

 the viewing platform is limited to 40 people standing above at the same time,

and a high fence is set.

The setting of stairs shall be as gentle as possible,

so that the elderly and children can go upstairs easily.

The design of the viewing platform is similar to "Yi",

and each end can overlook the surrounding rice fields in an all-round way.

At the other end of the observation deck,

there is a backward extending ladder platform.

Passengers can stand on the ladder platform to take a group photo,

or stand on the highest ladder to take a further view.

At a glance, there is a green ocean.

There are also some specially designed words of rice fields,

which bring comfortable and interesting visual enjoyment.

Pictures courtesy of having fun with bugs