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Container Park | what is the experience of living in a water pipe? This pet paradise is doomed to fire!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::627  2022-06-23

People are always good at exploring new uses of things,

and turning containers into houses is the best evidence.

However, they will not stop here. Not only containers,

but also pipes can become residences.

As long as there is shelter, everything can live.

This unusual building comes from Taiwan's lower right Sijiao village.

It is a pet park and is famous for its novel accommodation experience.

Located next to the main road, the location is very conspicuous.

Colorful containers are used to build the entrance.

The striking [lower right Sijiao village] signboard is embedded above,

 so I'm not afraid I can't find it.

 There is an exclusive parking lot in front of Sijiao village,

which is very convenient to park.

The surrounding safety measures and protection are also very tight.

There is control at the door, so you don't have to worry about pets running around.

[lower right Sijiao village] there are colorful and lovely water pipe houses,

dog bone swimming pool, large lawn and dog facilities, pet restaurant, etc.,

so that you and your pet can enjoy a happy time here.

After entering the park,

a toilet transformed from a red container unit is set at the back of the entrance,

with a sunshade on the top and a washing table in front of the door, which is clean and dry.

In order to give pets a broader place to enjoy themselves,

 the park covers an area of 3500 square meters of turf,

and many interactive amusement facilities are placed on the grassland,

so that pets can play to their heart's content.

There are also many chairs beside the grass,

where the owners can sit down and watch the baby play.

But the only drawback is that there is no place to shade the scene.

It will be hot in hot summer.

Beside the spacious lawn is an accommodation area.

The colorful water pipe house is the biggest feature here

and the most novel accommodation experience.

 In my impression, people living in the water pipes should be street sleepers,

but after careful design, the water pipes here have become a comfortable residence.

The space of the water pipe house is not large,

but the glass door provides sufficient natural light and outdoor scenes.

Various lifelike pictures are painted on the inner wall of the pipe,

making the simple water pipe instantly become a work of art.

The other end of the park is the pet theme restaurant,

which is transformed from containers.

The indoor environment is not large,

but there is an outdoor dining area under the overhead containers.

 The restaurant provides human food and salt free food for pets,

and insists on checking the health of pets.

 There is also a dressing room on the left side of the restaurant,

where the owners can wash and dress up their favorite after swimming.

In addition, other container buildings are scattered in the park.

For example, the red container house is the ice cream exchange area.

The shell is dressed like a red brick wall, which is cute and colorful.

In addition, there are two side-by-side toilets,

 which are not afraid to queue when there are many people.

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