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Container display cabinets | add amazing colors to the streets! Watch Penang International Container Art Festival!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::534  2022-07-20

Penang is one of the 13 federal states in Malaysia.

Penang International Container Art Festival (picaf)

is the latest art attraction in Penang.

It is said to be the first Asian city to

 display vibrant art on container installations.

Several container art installations are distributed

in five locations throughout Penang Island,

some of which are still under production.

The first device, named [jelutong],

 is composed of four containers and is located in Karpal Singh drive.

Here, a pony girl is staring and building her dream city with toy blocks.

On the other side is the work of Julia volchkova,

an internationally renowned artist,

which is a side view full of tropical style and imagination.

The second device, named [Balik Pulau],

 is composed of three containers of the same size,

located in kampung Terang.

With the theme of "Penang local identity",

it shows the life scenes of cities and rural areas.

The chef is cooking, and the farmers on the other side

are harvesting high-quality durian and corn,

aiming to pay tribute to every hard-working social person.

The third installation is located in the prankin shopping center,

walking along the streets of Georgetown.

This artwork depicts the rich cultural heritage of Penang.

A local tricycle rider stopped in front of

the site to explain the short history behind it,

which is a nostalgic memory left in the hearts of local people.

Turning to the other side,

 this mural features a Malay woman batik her portrait and milking her baby,

reflecting the rich cultural mix

and how to pass on this unique culture to the next generation.

The fourth device, located in the vision city of Aspen,

depicts the local fishermen preparing to fish

in the Penang Strait to supply the local people.

Like this fisherman, it is like telling every ordinary person

that they can also contribute to society.

On the other side of the container installation,

 local artist Caryn KOH painted a girl who was looking down at

 the braided rope to convey a strong sense of connection.

The fifth device, named [Butterworth],

is composed of seven containers,

with an overhead floor at the bottom, located in Dataran PEMUDA Merdeka.

The container installation ends with an artist who is painting to

learn about the new urban art of container installation.

The other side is still blank, bringing people beautiful expectations.

Pictures courtesy of  Penang Foodie