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Container school | farm rising "play against us"~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::477  2022-08-08

"Anti us", translated from Japanese,

 roughly means to play and have fun. It is a favorite place for children.

South Africa also has a "play against us" and is also a school to

create an educational mode of combining education with fun.

The project is built on a farm and transformed from a container module.

The project is an amazing farm fun school built by IMC with 11 containers.

The exterior of the building was painted black,

and part of the building shell was covered with wood.

In order to create a space for children's activities,

fences are built around the buildings around the school,

and equipment such as slides, swings and artificial lawns are set up to

provide children with comfortable outdoor activities.

Inside the school, the main building with a triangular roof is an indoor paradise,

 and lovely slides are placed on the artificial lawn.

It can be clearly seen from the room that the structure has been heightened.

 The roof is reinforced with wooden frames

and equipped with transparent skylights to enhance the indoor light.

 Combining the school building project with the container project

is a very creative and dynamic construction method.

Pictures courtesy of  S-DESIGN ARCHITECTS