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Container Park | innovation incubation base, giant black and white chess Super Brain hole!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1141  2022-08-11

Revitalize the neighborhood,

aiming to provide leisure and entertainment places for nearby residents.

The development plan of [lively] is to

transform the temporarily underutilized

but high-value urban space into a thriving cultural exchange place.

 It is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The H.E. Holmes neighborhood in this city

is the focus of business and community vitality.

The design of the project includes the diversity of the city

and encourages the formation of new ideas and businesses.

 Mlk container park is a growing community,

and entrepreneurs in mlk ivillage

 are considering developing their business in the community.

This historic mlk corridor is easily accessible to beltline

and Marta H.E. Holmes railway station in the south.

As an industrial incubator,

the project accommodates eight enterprises in the changed containers,

and multiple containers form a rectangular plane

 to create a shared activity space in the middle.

Ivillage @ mlk is located in Hamilton E Near the Holmes Marta railway station,

 part of the funds come from the federal transportation investment

 for economic recovery (tiger) grant obtained by the city.

The grant aims to expand business opportunities in seven states,

which is consistent with the entrepreneurial incubation concept of the project.

The total investment of the project is US $1.2 million.

Ivillage @ mlk proves the common belief of New York City,

Marta and Atlanta investment group, that is, to develop communities

 and help small innovative enterprises establish a foothold and start to flourish.

It is this type of forward thinking, collaboration

and commitment that drives the community forward.

With an area of 6500 square feet (equivalent to about 603.8 square meters),

 ivillage can accommodate up to 10 tenants.

 All merchants share the same central garden,

and are equipped with leisure tables and chairs

and large black-and-white chessboards, providing novel entertainment.

Currently, the confirmed suppliers include coffee shops, flower shops, frozen food,

ready to eat food and environmental protection laundry products.

Pictures courtesy of  Atelier 7 Architects