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Container house | semi wood structure decorated with solid wood to create an inorganic impression!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::578  2022-08-12

A kind of easy to install and low-cost container house

is popular in offices and shops.

These projects are designed into comfortable living space by

installing heat insulation materials and connecting water and electricity facilities.

You can create a place with a quiet atmosphere

at a relatively low cost and in a short construction time.

The following is a container house project from Japan,

which looks like a semi wooden structure house decorated with solid wood.

The project is sold by Rongguang Forestry Co., Ltd.

and is called [sum model + container house].

Its biggest feature is that it looks like

a thorough external structure of a semi wooden structure house.

 It is decorated with Japanese cypress and cedar solid wood,

which can make the container house warm and create an inorganic impression.

The project is composed of several container modules.

Some container wallboards are disassembled

and can be used for the house's Midsummer ventilation and garden barbecue.

 The solid wood structure creates a comfortable roof terrace for the container,

sets up a sunshade and places tables

and chairs to provide tourists with a leisure and scenic area.

 In Japan, when you can't apply for a building permit,

you can simply apply for a parking permit,

treat the container house as a vehicle,

and install and use it without problems.

The interior of the project is also decorated with solid wood.

 It feels like a wooden cabin when entering the room, warm and comfortable.

Shower or toilet can be installed in the house according to the demand and budget.

 In addition, power, water supply and drainage facilities and pipeline works will be handled.

You can rest assured that the house will be used as a permanent living space.

In addition to being transformed into residential houses, studios, shops, etc.,

these modules can also be transformed into public sanitary rooms for many people.

The starting price of the [wa modern + container house] project is US $38000,

equivalent to about 240000 yuan.

The delivery time is one month.

It is very suitable for those who like mountain cottages

or want to add temporary buildings in their own yard.

Pictures courtesy of  sum MODERN + container HOUSE