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Container Gallery | The more amazing the night is, this is the Container Gallery | The more amazing the night is, this is the "box" from Van Gogh!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1098  2022-10-11

The container module is a natural painting board.

Painting on the box is no longer a surprise,

 and it has even been widely used in the decoration of architectural appearance.

But have you ever seen the container murals that glow at night?

The "Living" experience of Wellington van Gogh in the "Digital Night" aims to

 create a feeling of entering the paintings of Dutch masters.

This masterpiece of Van Gogh lit up the waterfront of Wellington, New Zealand.

The [Digital Night – Van Gogh Alive] exhibition

was held at the temporary outdoor gallery in Odlins Square.

By using the latest technology to project thousands of

 Vincent van Gogh's works onto a three storey transport container,

this exhibition has attracted many visitors to

appreciate these works in a new and modern way.

Within 45 minutes from sunset,

create an experience of entering the painting world of Dutch masters.

This is a truly unique painting exhibition.

No matter what adults and children know about Van Gogh's paintings,

they will certainly attract their attention.

When the tickets were sold for the first time,

each exhibition can accommodate up to 300 people.

All paintings were magnified and displayed on the container wall,

enjoying the visual effect of impact.

About 70 people participated in the production of this project,

including receptionist, assembler, lighting technician, audio-visual technician and audio technician,

 which created employment opportunities for Covid-19 unemployed artists.

At the same time,

it will also help to increase the revenue of retail

and hotel industries and stimulate the local economy.

The exhibition uses the most advanced SENSORY4 ™ Immersive gallery

can project huge clear crystal images.

21 projectors were used to take images onto 52 containers to make artworks,

and all containers were modified to accommodate projectors,

and they were sealed to make them impermeable,

so as to protect the equipment from being damaged by elements,

creating memorable music scores under the night sky for this city.

The project is resistant to severe weather.

Unless the wind speed can reach 100 km/h,

the program will continue under all weather conditions.

Although such a large-scale screening activity will add many challenges when held outdoors,

it creates a good framework for the exhibition of works of art,

and beautiful things are worth overcoming the difficulties.

Pictures courtesy of  Georgina Campbell