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Container teaching building | construction Container teaching building | construction "0" harassment! Selected as the favorite building of teachers and students!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::319  2022-10-31

In the cold winter, the most suitable thing is to sleep soundly in the quilt.

I'm very happy to think about it!

However, if the dream is awakened by

 the construction site with continuous "rumbling" next door,

 it will become a very painful thing.

Not only sleep, but even daily life is disturbed by noise,

 people will also be affected by health to varying degrees.

Therefore, a construction site harassed by "0" will be a favorite site.

Container building is such an ideal existence.

The original intention is to reduce the impact of construction on the daily life of

 teachers and students in the school as much as possible,

and build an independent teaching building to meet the needs of the development of

the school and the growth of the number of people.

Different from the surrounding buildings,

this new teaching building is very eye-catching,

attracting the attention of many teachers and students.

Such color can not only highlight the special features of this container teaching building,

but also symbolize the youthful atmosphere of sunrise.

The transformation of the teaching building is completed in the factory,

and then transported by truck to the local place for assembly.

 There are two floors in the whole building,

which is divided into four classrooms as a whole.

The stairs going up and down the stairs are arranged on

the exterior wall of the building in a circular manner.

Because of its simple structure,

this unique teaching building can be quickly completed and put into use.

In order to facilitate the walking of teachers and students,

each floor of the teaching building is additionally paved with

wooden boards to make the surrounding environment clean and dry.

The roof of the building has a freely adjustable sunshade.

 When sunshade is needed,

the aluminum sheet will be unfolded like a shutter,

 and when it is not needed,

it will be erected to enhance the surrounding natural light,

which is a very flexible design.

After transformation, the classroom environment is very spacious and comfortable,

which can accommodate many people to attend classes here.

 Sitting indoors is as free as an ordinary classroom,

which can be said to be a teaching building with high use value.

Pictures courtesy of Morpeth School