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Container Stadium | The simplest but most spectacular! What is hidden in the iron box
Publisher: Beri  Page view::346  2022-12-06

The imaginary walled city is a gray and thick brick wall,

which separates the inner and outer worlds,

so that the famous phrase "people inside want to come out

and people outside want to go in" comes into being.

However, the same effect is not only the brick wall,

 but also the high base black containers.

This is the [Fortress Obetz] Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio.

It is a large structure composed entirely of containers.

 It is one of the largest container construction projects in the United States.

 It is planned to build a venue for various public activities,

including farmers' markets, trade exhibitions, sports events,

concerts and other community activities.

Turning the concept map into

a real building does not take as long as

traditional buildings - this is the biggest advantage of container buildings.

In order to promote the ventilation of the environment,

 containers are usually "dug" several holes as windows,

and then these modified containers are

transported by trucks to the assembly site for stacking.

In addition to "lying" containers, there will also be "standing" containers.

Different placement methods will change the structure of the building.

 In order to make the composition of the stadium not too monotonous,

several vertically placed containers were added at the four corners of

the container "Fortress Besieged" to make it look well arranged.

Back to the front, you will get a complete city wall,

and the neatly placed containers are simple but spectacular.

The box will be used as a lounge, bathroom, ticket office, etc.,

while the entrance has a huge LED display screen,

which can display detailed information and posters during the event.

Through the LED screen,

you will reach the lawn in the center of the besieged city.

This enclosed independent space is the best site for holding small outdoor activities,

as well as family activities such as picnics.

Pictures courtesy of  Fortress Obetz