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Container house | residence / coffee shop / office switch at will, unlimited possibilities of module exhibition hall!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::196  2021-05-04

Nowadays, there are various innovations and construction methods for building houses. 

One of them is to build houses with containers,
Convenience and low cost are its unique advantages.
Box Modi, a new type of prefabricated house with modern design, is on display at Ban Lae Suan fair,
It's made of containers, suitable for both cafes and houses.

[box modi] is a two-story house made 

of two containers stacked together,
The container used is old and second-hand, but the curl shape 

of the shell remains very complete without dent or collapse.
The manufacturer of the house is [container Thailand Co., Ltd.],

 as a distributor of new and old containers,
Have a full understanding of the transport containers, 

dare to guarantee that the house has up to 10 years of durability.

The house consists of two stacked containers covered with

 a subtle white coating that helps to

 reduce the perfect hardness of the steel.
The steel structure used with H-beam assembles two cabinets 

together to form the main structure of the house,
The first container downstairs is used for the living room. 

The walls of three windows are cut to form a large glass frame,
It can be used as a residence, a coffee shop, or a home office.
There is a well ventilated wood floor terrace in front of the house,

 which is suitable for outdoor activities or rest areas.

The house is designed by three designers. 

Both the bulk furniture and the built-in furniture (including the lighting system at each point)

 can be transported to the module immediately,
In addition, a light sensor system is installed inside to facilitate the toilet at night.
5 cm thick polystyrene insulation is installed on the back of each

 container to improve the living comfort of the module.

Sliding doors are installed in the bathroom to facilitate wheelchair users,

 and special sanitary ware suits for the elderly are selected

 to meet the living needs of specific groups.
The balcony and furniture of the model house cost only 1.3 million baht, 

and the built-in cabinet and specific floor on the first floor cost 327000 baht,
There are bedrooms, shared bathrooms and built-in furniture 

on the upper floor, and 470000 baht is needed.

The container is constructed in a way of indenting and overlapping,

 so some areas on the second floor can be

 used as balconies in front and back of the bedroom,
It makes the upper floor of the house not only a sqare box, 

but also a beautiful outdoor leisure place.
In addition, in order to ensure the comfort of living, the house also

 has air holes formed by cutting through steel plates,
The exhaust holes of concrete block model are simulated to 

give the container a cool and harmonious appearance.

Pictures courtesy of  BOX MODi