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Container Hotel | unique layout, living experience Xiaosheng five star hotel!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::331  2021-05-08

Saturday promotion · container Hotel

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The popularity of B & B in recent years largely depends on the tourists

I hope to experience the local customs and characteristics during the journey,

The same luxury hotel is not as good as a cost-effective one

Characteristic hotel can make people enjoy comfortable living experience.



In order to add its own characteristics, the hotel has three special features.

One is its building materials, the other is its layout.

It is a three story building transformed from a container,

The progressive design makes the registration office independent in front of the hotel.




The front desk of the hotel is a square space,

The facade is all glass,

You can enter through the front and back doors,

It is convenient to serve the residents at night.





The interior decoration announced the biggest characteristic of the hotel - container building.

You'll see the signature wave board between your heads,

You will also meet an original container at the corner

Revolving door, standing behind your sofa chair.






Rooms are designed just behind the registration office,

each with its own number and name.

If you want to get to the second floor, you have to go back to the

 concrete ladder in front of the gate of the registration office.

The corridors above are equipped with sunshades to prevent rain or direct sunlight,

which is conducive to heat dissipation and maintain the appropriate temperature.





The size of the guest room is the size of a standard container, just the width of a bed,

Next to it is the panoramic floor glass window. Small space is more characteristic and warm.

In addition to the big bed room, there are also economic rooms to meet different living needs. In addition, each guest room is equipped with a separate bathroom.








Suddenly think of it, like forget the third feature? Don't worry, S

ante is actually the creative graffiti here.

There is not a very eye-catching large area of paint, but in a small

 corner depending on the environment of small smart.

For example, children riding bicycles, and faces with leaves as their hair

 (it seems that this angle is a bit scary, hahaha)





At the same time, the hotel is also well-equipped,

with restaurantsThe bar is waiting for you.