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Container Hotel | take you to sea by color! It's another suite~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::294  2021-05-13

Container Hotel on Thursday

--Today's site: Malaysia--


Malaysia is not a strange country to the Chinese. Although it's foreign,

However, the ubiquitous signs in Chinese and the common Cantonese dialect will

make Cantonese speaking Cantonese more attractiveThere is an illusion of sightseeing

 in a certain city in the province. But Malaysia has a distinctive culture

Seaside resort, you can live in the shipping container house, do you know?







The ocean residence's container houseIt is one of the

 most attractive container familybuildings around. Provide sustainable

 developmentservices for guestsVery luxurious accommodation options,

container room is one of the hotel's characteristic suites, almost entirely

made of containers. The design of the metal roof is excellent, showing us

 the harmonious integration of rural and exquisite elements.







The container room is painted in chestnut color, which evokes the rusting retro

appearance and brings you backLong sea voyage and exotic port memories.

The container house is made of 18 industrial freight containers, which are

 cleverly assembled into an avant-garde building and maintain the original

metal plate. The tables and chairs outside ensure that the residents

can enjoy the vast sea view in the hotel.



Enter a suite with red curtains and cushions and container house

The appearance of the cushion bed matches the charming living space

to bring more comfort.In addition, you'll find the kitchen and dining area next to the living room.






In other suites, the exquisite flower paintings form an interesting contrast

with the brick walls of the bedroom suite.On the side is the elegant bathroom design,

and the bathroom curtains support the red pattern of the whole house,

There is also a white vase to bring some green life to the place.