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CWC, Kingdom of Naga City container Resort
Publisher: Beri  Page view::297  2021-05-18


CWC, Kingdom of Naga City container Resort





Hello, Naga city. I'm here ❤





Camsur water complex (CMC) is a resort near Naga city.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the resort also

features a group of buildings composed of containers







Customers can book container houses and villas to

meet their different living requirements






In order to attract more customers, CMC resort also launched a novel service:

Customers can take these container houses around the Philippines,

This reflects the flexibility and convenience of container house






The resort has complete facilities. Swimming

at night is a good choice to enjoy life^_^







Let's enjoy the decoration design

 of the container house first






Dark wood floor and light wood wall match very harmoniously,

The big white windows create a good light for the room





The furnishings in the house are in good order under the designer's arrangement,

Highlight the space [praise]