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Container House | No walls, gauze curtains, open plan, this building is too "refreshing"!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::284  2021-05-24

In recent years, some green and ecological buildings have been sought after,

 not only because of the advocacy of environmental protection and sustainable development,

but also because people have begun to pursue a unique

 living experience that is different from that of a town.

Hidden deep in the jungle, one of the sides of a building is completely open without walls.

The bathroom is just covered with gauze curtains.

The whole building only relies on fans and ventilation to cool off without air conditioning...

It sounds very "original", as if It is taking the sky as the seat and taking the earth as the seat.

This "original" container house comes from the port of

 Viejo de Talamanca in Limon Province, Costa Rica.

Built in the jungle of Cocles, it is a unique container house.

 Its eco-design is full of chic details, including soft lighting

and countless vents to capture the breeze circulation.

If you are looking for a unique and modern experience in the jungle,

then welcome to this Amor Villa.

This ecologically chic jungle villa provides private property management,

so there is no need to worry about privacy issues in the open space.

On the side of the house facing the jungle, there is an open wall,

open floor living, dining and kitchen,

which provide good airflow and garden views for the building.

The first floor of the residence has two bedrooms and an open-plan loft bedroom with a reading lounge.

The open layout of the main floor provides a passage from the bedroom to the kitchen,

comfortable living room and dining area. At the same time,

a illuminating wall is set up for storage of cabinets and acts as a barrier.

The two bedrooms are located on both sides of the wall,

with wooden doors that can be opened and closed independently.

In addition to the bedroom, you can also find the original

ecological open-air shower and bathroom on this floor.

Without a door, the sink is made of stone.

The reason why it is said to be "open-air" is because its "wall" is not a complete "wall" but a screen.

When you take a shower, you can see the entire garden,

which is very "refreshing" and airy.

On the second floor, there is a unique open-air loft with the

third bedroom of the residence and a separate reading room.

There is almost no construction wall on this floor,

and you can see the beautiful view of the garden below from many angles.

The design of the entire residence is biased towards Southeast Asian style,

with great emphasis on ecological construction.

Pictures courtesy of  Villa Amor