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Container Hotel | One box for multiple uses is really greedy! The top sports field, the bottom swimming pool, what else is not satisfied?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::239  2021-06-01

For many people, a container is just a metal box that facilitates the transportation of goods.

However, it is estimated that the people who created the container did not expect it to be used now.

The use has far exceeded the initial expectations.

It can be converted into office space, dining room,

classroom or even bedroom at will.

The peaceful country hotel is located in the rice fields of the coastal

town of Sekinchan (about an hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur).

The Farm Villa Café & Homestay, made of piles of bright red shipping containers,

 stands out from the surrounding natural environment.

In order to meet the various living and entertainment needs of residents,

the hotel can be said to have spent twelve minutes of thought.

Starting from the swimming pool on the ground floor,

 built in the middle of the two houses,

this open-air swimming pool is embedded in the wooden floor,

next to it is a leisure courtyard,

and some industrial-style oil drums serve as tables and chairs for rest.


But it is not satisfied with the independent swimming pool,

and the top of the container is also 100% developed and used.

From bouncing beds to mini golf courses,

you can find your interests on the top floor of the container.

Looking at the green fields not far away,

the field of vision of activities also instantly widened.

In addition to the rich and diverse sports venues,

the hotel’s guest room facilities are also very complete.

After all, this building is also a veritable hotel.

There are various types of rooms, including three-bed rooms,

twin-bed rooms and single-bed rooms,

all of which are designed based on containers.

By adding partitions and decorations,

the indoor environment will become more livable. Among them,

the long strip environment will give you a unique experience of being in the box.

Pictures courtesy of Farm VillaCafé & Homestay