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Container house | off grid luxury house worth 2.15 million US dollars, who still says iron box is cheap?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::948  2021-06-04

Container architecture often appears in front of people as an economical image,
But it can adapt to a variety of needs, it can also create high-value luxury buildings.
This is a $2.15 million off grid luxury container house from New South Wales,

 Australia, equivalent to about 14.25 million yuan.

[sky ridge] is an environmentally friendly luxury residence in kangaroo valley,
Designed by the famous architect Alexander Michael in 2018,
It aims to create a building that has little impact on the surrounding

 environment but brings ultimate enjoyment to the residents.
The housing project is built on the top of scanzi mountain,

 just 10 minutes from the center of kangaroo valley.

The biggest highlight of the house is that it can be used off-line,
Built on 10 acres of land, overlooking the distant valley towards the village.
The building, made of steel, glass and polished concrete floors, has an overall industrial feel,
The ecological house is completely off the grid and powered by solar energy.

There is an open lounge on the ground floor of the house.

Open the retractable glass doors on both sides to bring the outside scenery and air into the room,
It creates cool and flowing ventilation conditions. One side of the kitchen is equipped with all the cooking necessities,
And decorated with exquisite art and lighting, and the special log table brings the original dining experience.

There are four large bed bedrooms on the upper floor of the container house.

 Each bedroom has its own suite, shower and toilet.
One of the most amazing designs in the bedroom is the sliding windows facing the beautiful jungle scenery.

You can feel the outdoor breeze when you open them.

Some bedrooms directly set the bathtub in the corner of the room,

and use frosted glass and curtains to keep privacy.
The interior decoration covers the original wallboard of the container to weaken the metallicity

 of the residence and create a warm and livable rest space.

Pictures courtesy of Living in a Container