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Container house | white luxury villa online! Build more, faster, better and less!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::262  2021-06-05

One of the reasons why container houses are so popular is 

that they are built much faster than traditional methods,
When the time saved is added to the intensity factor, 

the container housing market can grow faster.
It's an incredible family home built out of recycled containers from Seville, Spain,
Located in Alcala de guadaila, you will get a comprehensive guide to building a shipping container house.

The container, which extends over the pool, creates a comfortable porch, 

which is connected to the building on the north side with sun visors,
You can put the living room in the middle of the space.

 At first glance, I saw the white paint appearance of the container house,
There will be a sense of peace. Compared with the traditional container architecture,
This consistent design makes the house look more modern.

This is a project by architect alemartin torrent, a house built from reusable containers.
Using containers to build a house can be said to be a wise decision,

 from the project drawings to the containers on site,
All that is certain is that this is a house designed and built out of reusable materials.

Compared with traditional buildings, it is easier to build innovative houses with 

containers because there are no structural restrictions on the use of containers.
In designing the container house project, 

the construction company abandoned the idea of building a room in each container,
Instead, it adopted the idea of creating a more open project.

The entire sheet metal of the container is cut, two of which are turned over to form a mezzanine, 

and another five meter container extends to the front of the house,
The design of fixed door is used to support the whole mezzanine. As the first perspective,
The volume of the first two floors covers almost the entire surface of the building,
It plays a role of barrier after passing through the door, and also realizes a more connected activity space.

The beautiful scenery outside the house is penetrated into 

the house through the large area of floor glass windows. 

Even inside, you can be fascinated by the quiet beauty.
The interior of the house is decorated with simple details, 

and the open kitchen and dining area reserve more activity space for life,
Push the panoramic glass door open to connect the outdoor swimming pool.

The house adopts the compound structure, which makes the space more spacious. 

The roof of the house is covered with wooden board

 to realize the function of indoor thermal insulation.
Among them, the right drop creates a transparent skylight, which creates a bright 

and comfortable living environment for the bedroom and bathroom of the floor.

Pictures courtesy of  Living in a Container