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Container Hotel | emergency "rescue Hotel", multi-purpose and fast enough!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::246  2021-06-08

Development Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of container construction in Japan,
Operating hotels in 22 regions of Japan, 

it is the first characteristic hotel in the world to develop with containers,
Its headquarters is located in Nagasaki, Chiba Prefecture. 

As an island country with frequent earthquakes, 

the Japanese government is actively seeking disaster response solutions,
The stable and finalized container was favored in the scheme,

 and the club was entrusted to develop a project called "rescue Hotel".

[one of the projects is located in the center of Yudu palace]

"Rescue Hotel" refers to the area where guest rooms normally 

operated as hotels can be quickly transferred to the disaster area in case of disaster,
The flexibility of container architecture is utilized“ There are two types of "rescue Hotel"
"Vehicle type" and "architectural type", in which "vehicle type" is operated by 

unloading the container from the chassis with wheels and placing it on the ground.

"Rescue Hotel" is a new public interest mechanism, which protects the life of the community

 by quickly relocating the guest rooms used as hotels to the disaster stricken areas in case of disaster.
Since the first store opened in December 2018, hotels have been established 

in areas where accommodation facilities are scarce so far,
These hotels are responsible for driving the local economy and making it the basis

 of tourism and business. When there is a disaster or other emergency, they will,
It acts as a dispatching base to protect the lives of local people by rushing to such places.

The "courtyard" series is a one room and one hall accommodation facility built with container modules,
Each room is only 13 square meters. Although it is compact, it does not share the wall with the next room,
So it's quiet and private, with high quality beds and good ventilation.
All rooms are equipped with usable bathroom units, refrigerators with freezers, 

microwave ovens and air purifiers to provide high quality accommodation for residents.

Pictures courtesy of  HOTEL R9 THE Yard