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The container house is quiet in the downtown, which gives you a comfortable home!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::866  2021-06-09

As more and more cities are building new container houses,
This kind of structural building has also attracted more and more people's attention.
In reality, this kind of container is mostly used for shipping and freight transportation, 

but considering the problems of low energy consumption and environmental protection,
And this kind of "green" building is derived.

This building is located in castle town, 

North Carolina. It is developed and built by tripjack investments,
It consists of seven 40 foot containers

 and covers an area of about 200 square meters.
These modular buildings can be arranged and installed 

in almost any direction, and can be quickly assembled together,
To minimize the construction time, but also to ensure the quality of interior decoration.
The back of the house has a garden and living area overlooking 

the trout stream, while the bathroom and bedroom face the road.

Three containers on the left and four containers on the right form their own warm bedroom space,
The interior shows us a unique small and fresh style. In this high quality and comfortable space,
Equipped with everything, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom and other functional space.

The living room is next to the kitchen, and the reasonable

 spatial distribution embellishes the warm house,
There is a small independent balcony behind the dining table. 

After dinner, you can enjoy the outdoor quiet environment.

The design of mirrors on both sides of the 

corridor highlights the interior space of the container,
It's also connected to the bathroom. There is no luxury decoration, 

simple and fresh style, people linger.

The bedroom is designed next to the living room 

in the same style with small outdoor balcony,
You can choose to meet different life preferences and habits. 

Ask such a small fresh residential people do not want to experience it?

Pictures courtesy of  Container Hacker