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Container Hotel | brick wall is built inside the iron box, which is the fashion and modern industrial style!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::237  2021-06-10

The reason for choosing container building is that it has the greatest advantage of convenience and novelty,
It seems to be out of place with the traditional brick house, but often innovation

 is to find inspiration on the way to try different combinations.
Different combination of the two may have a different sense of modern fashion?

This is the reserve the cozytainer hotel in Malaysia, 

which is made of containers, steel frame and red brick.
As an environment providing accommodation services, 

in order to create a comfortable and soft atmosphere,

 many green plants are planted around the building.

The container buildings on both sides of the lawn are some independent guest rooms 

of the hotel, which are divided into two floors, with sunshades on the top to cool down.
In order to increase the folk customs, the shop owners pull up small lanterns 

on the top of the building, and turn on the lights at night will be very charming.
There are 27 rooms in the whole B & B, which can accommodate up to 64 people.

When you walk into each guest room, you will find that its front door is made of floor glass,
It provides plenty of light for the interior. You can really feel the regular size of the container,
There is no complex pattern, only a small but well arranged space.

The hotel has a variety of rooms, including dormitories, single rooms 

and double rooms, providing different choices for visitors to the hotel.
Each guest room is equipped with an independent bathroom, 

clean and well-equipped, especially suitable for family or friends to travel together.

The brick buildings mentioned at the beginning are 

all used in the multi-function meeting rooms and staircases of hotels,
Look at the configuration of the floor glass, it's the level of five-star hotel!
Even if it is transferred from the container building, there is no abrupt change in style, 

instead, the brick wall is concave out of the taste of industrial style.

Pictures courtesy of Findbulous Malaysia