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Container house | seeking from the beautiful mansion insurance! A family of five on a cliff~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1119  2021-08-17

In order to pursue the ultimate experience, it may be beautiful scenery, air or quiet,
There will always be crazy people who do everything to create an ideal home.
You might ask, is it worth it? But this container mansion built on a cliff,
It also won the nomination for the 2019 Swedish youth Architecture

Award (ung Svensk arkitektur), which is telling you that everything is worth it.

Built from eight assembled 20 'and 40' second-hand high

container transport containers, this is a private residence for a family of five.
It is built in a steep area on the outskirts of Stockholm, adjacent to a beautiful lake.
As can be seen from the entry-level plans on the first and second floors,

some containers have been hollowed out.

In order to adapt to the inclination of the cliff, the containers on

the first floor will be shorter than those on the second floor,
The structural wall of the container will also make the upper height greater than the entrance height.
These containers are built one by one at the scene, and the top container

will be used as a skylight for children to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

The internal structure of the house is designed as a duplex,

 thanks to the replacement of the container port by floor glass windows,
It makes the indoor lighting and ventilation effect very good,

and therefore connects the indoor and outdoor scenery.
All the walls are glued board walls, and the stairs are

painted white to create a warm and simple living atmosphere.

Among them, the design of the bathroom gives full play to the greatest advantage

 of the cliff and best reflects the "integration of scenery and house".
Because the back of the house is facing the exposed rocks on the cliff, the bathroom is designed here, 

and even the transparent panoramic window does not have to worry about privacy,
On the contrary, it can create a realistic feeling of murals

 and turn the indoor walls into gray, just like living in a cave!

Pictures courtesy of MÅNS THAM