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Container house | Japanese courtyard structure design, slow life, experience the charm of bonfire party!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1278  2021-09-19

Container accommodation is used as

a symbol of new discoveries and experiences,
Private container luxury camping facility built by

container works (Headquarters: Shibuya District, Tokyo) [ironnest]
Completed in fujihekou Lake pension village, Japan,

it is a new style of outdoor vacation accommodation.

Hekou lake is a famous tourist resort with many accommodation facilities.

There are many cabins for rent in the nearby pension village.
In this case, [iron nest] wants to stand out and build a colorful container house will be a good choice,
At the same time, it is also necessary to provide residents with privacy and comfortable living space.

The pension village, about 5 minutes' drive from Hekou lake,

has built accommodation facilities with a total of 12 containers,
With Mount Fuji as the background, it is located in the rich nature.

There are three accommodation buildings and one administrative building in the museum,
The accommodation building consists of two 20 foot containers,

while the administration building uses four 20 foot containers and two 10 foot containers.

Two 20 foot containers and an L-shaped container house

that can accommodate up to four people at the same time,
Necessary living equipment such as bed, kitchen, bathtub and toilet are provided.
With facilities and eye-catching appearance no inferior to the hotel,

residents can enjoy a unique accommodation experience.

The administration building, which consists of four 20 foot containers and two 10 foot containers,

is arranged in an L-shape and equipped with a wooden deck,
Make the buildings compact. In addition, it also creates enough space for outdoor activities,

and the padded design can ensure privacy.

Red, green and yellow containers are designed into rooms with different themes,
Equipped with sofa, table and TV, the sofa can be turned into a bed when the back of

the sofa is tilted, which can accommodate about 7 tatami,
This is a space where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor.

Among them, the green container is tatami type,
The red container has two single beds and the Yellow container is a double bed.

Rooms can be operated by voice control, such as contactless water service, TV, air conditioning and curtains.
In the center of the facility, there is a place to rest around the campfire. 

Ironnest will give you a new look that you can't see in your daily life,
Feel the charm of luxury camping in container room and enjoy slow life.

Pictures courtesy of IRON NEST