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Container Homes | Hills Elevate One-Bedroom Homes, Terraces Live Better Than Interiors Series…
Publisher: Beri  Page view::777  2022-05-11

It is estimated that nature is more and more attracting people to "sleep in the wind",

and now the buildings like to move the indoor living space to the outdoors.

Nestled on the emerald rolling hills of Doron,

this is the container home of Wilds from Doron, Queensland,

one of the stand-alone suites in a luxury eco-resort.

The home has been thoughtfully designed and sited to

help occupants put aside their worries and relax in total immersion in nature.

It was transformed from a container,

and it was retrofitted inside and out,

making it very comfortable and livable to look and live in.

The home has a beautifully landscaped patio,

a large deck for dining and lounging,

and a grassy courtyard ahead with a fireplace and BBQ area,

and a small dry wood fire to keep those chilly mountainside winter nights warm.

Tastefully and smartly furnished, this brand new converted

shipping container home is equipped with all modern conveniences and essentials.

Entering the interior space from the terrace,

 the end of the left turn is the bedroom of the house.

The design of the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows

allows unobstructed views of the beautiful outdoor scenery from the bed.

The bathroom designed with exposed concrete walls is located in the middle of

 the house and is a separate space separated by a sliding wooden door.

All kinds of washing and bathing supplies are complete,

 the simple lines of the washbasin and mirror enhance the style of the space,

and a small window on the wall provides ventilation and light transmission conditions.

At the other end of the home is a full kitchenette with appliances

such as a gas cooktop, oven, refrigerator and microwave for simple cooking needs.

Some walls and cabinets are in green tones,

which contrast with the beautiful scenery of the outdoor mountains and forests.

Looking up, you can still see the container walls full of industrial flavor,

returning to the unique building materials of the building.

Pictures courtesy of Staz