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Container Hotel | "bird's nest" single family residence, an ecological landscape building with the ultimate appearance!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::325  2022-08-13

Have you ever thought about what

the ecological landscape architecture will become when it reaches the extreme?

 This [buff and fellow eco game farm] hotel in South Africa explains

the "bird's nest" style residence made of ecological coconut wood for you.

The project is located in the paradise of farm life,

with convenient transportation.

 It is 10 km away from George Airport

and close to glentana beach and local restaurants.

The building transformed from the old shipping container

 is located on the edge of the beautiful dam,

overlooking the majestic otenica mountains.

The luxurious environment-friendly cabin is wrapped in beans and coconuts,

 and has a private firewood hot tub.

The average price of the hotel is about US $125 / night,

 equivalent to RMB 810 / night. These houses

that look like onions can accommodate 2-6 people.

The container house is built on

the foundation made of old stone bricks.

The builder is [innovative modular concepts],

 which is one of the most successful container contractors in South Africa.

The project was built in South Africa and installed on site.

The most important detail is the wooden external wall,

which has a very unique appearance.

 From a distance, it looks like bird nests on the ground,

making it stand out in the surrounding natural landscape.

The interior and exterior decoration of the house are very successful,

and cheap and highly recyclable architectural details can be felt everywhere.

The building has two floors.

The first floor is mainly used as living room and cooking space.

The wooden spiral staircase in the middle of the building

 can lead to the bedroom on the second floor.

The wooden headboard is fixed at the end of the bed

in the master bedroom and extends to the ceiling,

bringing a different modern feeling to the room.

In white themed houses, unpainted wood will become prominent

and particularly beautiful when used in interior decoration.

This structure creates the theme of ecological harmony.

Pictures courtesy of  Accommodation