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Container house is a beautiful container building in the mountain, leading the natural scenery!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::355  2022-10-09

Today, we continue to look at the beautiful container buildings in the mountains.

Some nature lovers hope to observe all aspects of nature here every day.

They want to watch the sunrise, sunset, rain and leaf movement without any obstacles.

The nature lover always wants to live in such a place.

He must hope to find a home in the center of

 the mountain area or among the blooming flowers.

The project is named [Tiny Home] and is located in Mansfield,

a small town in Victoria, Victoria, Australia.

 Visitors have to walk a short distance to get to the home.

A true nature lover can cross this distance without worry,

just as if he has the ambition to reach this home.

The building area is about 30 square meters.

The indoor space is reasonably distributed, especially the layout of this bed.

Beauty does not occupy all the space,

 but can be folded onto the wall and integrated with the whole building.

Then we can see the layout of the kitchen.

 In the only space, the simple layout matches the indoor wood grain style wall,

giving people a sense of ease and exposure to nature.

Both independent buildings have small toilet facilities.

The carefully designed building also has a fireplace inside,

burning wood to heat the container, and of course,

another large fireplace is also placed outdoors.

In winter, if someone wants to sit outside and enjoy the starry sky,

 he will not be affected by the cold weather.

Imagine the dark starry night,

 the houses on the mountain top, the cool wind blowing,

the fire in the fireplace, the barbecue arrangement you made,

you playing the guitar, nature talking to you, and you muttering to nature!

Pictures courtesy of  Living in a Container