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Container house | It is both indoor and outdoor. How should ecological landscape buildings be arranged?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::361  2022-10-12

It may be difficult to "change the world",

but there are many things we can do.

First, we should start with houses, build sustainable buildings,

help the earth's ecological environment, and at the same time,

 we can also harvest a different living experience.

This is a recyclable house that a family with innovative ideas

and a desire to change the world wants to build.

 Most reusable elements are used for building houses.

The container house is from Spain and is named [Barcelona Container House].

As a model of sustainable construction and recycling houses in Barcelona,

it has a reasonable architectural design

and a structure of recycling and environmental balance.

 Its green appearance weakens the metal inorganic feeling,

and instead integrates with the surrounding environment.

The choice of container house project is

 because these elements are numerous on the earth and easy to recycle.

 This house made of recyclable materials will not waste resources.

The container has the function of rapid initial construction,

and can be designed as a rapid construction recycling element.

Especially on special terrain, its stable initial structure will save many troubles.

Another purpose of using container buildings is to

preserve the natural state of the original area as much as possible.

 It is hoped that the environmental intervention is simple and minimal.

This ecological building using natural resources can

 provide good heat treatment in the direction of the container room,

rainwater is collected in the water tank for future use,

and sunlight is used for power generation and hot water.

After the building is completed,

 it looks more like a series of stacked containers than a livable house.

But when you open the house and enter the interior,

the space around the interior courtyard extends to the surrounding forest,

and you will feel the friendliness of the ecological architecture.

 The free central area projected on the first floor extends to

the outdoor landscape along the external courtyard.

Only the minimum number of containers are reserved on

 the upper floor of the house to build the roof on the ground floor.

Pictures courtesy of  DavidJiménez