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Container Holiday Complex | A project with 8 units, creating a rainbow village with multi colors!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::380  2022-10-18

Container houses provide users with fast, high-quality,

safe and effective solutions.

 These houses are usually single storey ready-made houses,

which are one of the most preferred structures.

Due to the popularity of container houses

and the increase of manufacturers in this industry,

people have more opportunities to design their own container houses

and live in the expected natural environment.

This is a resort complex built with containers in Fredericksburg, Texas.

 The project is called [Odonata Escape].

It is composed of 8 different container houses,

 providing a quick and effective solution example for

people using single-layer container houses.

In today's crowded urban atmosphere, people's yearning for

 clean air is becoming more and more urgent,

and the demand for convenient, comfortable

and cost-effective single-layer prefabricated houses is also growing.

Therefore, the demand of customers is increasing,

and the popularity of container houses is also increasing.

For those who dream of owning gardens and prefabricated houses,

 the [Odonata Escape] project is a good choice.

This is a housing unit named [GROOVY] in the project,

and its main colors are yellow and blue.

This is an amazing change in container transportation in nature.

Its aesthetic appearance and architectural design are different.

Due to the characteristics of easy design and use,

container houses are cheaper than other houses.

The accommodation unit with purple appearance in the project is named [Lavender].

This unit is equipped with a simple kitchen, a refrigerator, a toaster,

a coffee maker, a microwave oven and other cooking materials.

These houses are made of high-quality materials,

designed according to international quality standards,

 firmly installed and assembled,

and can withstand high risk situations such as natural disasters.

Because the container module is durable and has a long service life,

you can safely use the structure for at least 30 years.

The other purple house module of the project is named [TRANSQUICITY],

and the layout is similar to other houses.

People always dream of houses with gardens, and container houses are very suitable.

 Because of the use of transport container structures that are easy to transport and place,

these houses are easier to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

 In addition, the house made of transport containers has a simple aesthetic feeling,

and the unit with a brown yellow appearance is named [RISTRA].

The container house in the [Odonata Escape] project is fashionable and unique.

Each architectural design is similar and different.

This unit named [SHANGRI LA] is different from

the previous unit in terms of indoor soft decoration.

 You can design the interior of the house as required.

After the wastewater treatment installation, electrical installation,

water installation and equipment assembly are completed,

the container house can be delivered for use.

The construction time and cost will be less than that of ordinary buildings.

All houses in the project are covered with wooden floors,

which adds elegance to the house.

At the same time, thanks to the use of wood,

the house can be kept cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

The house can hang various pictures to decorate the walls,

and has a fully equipped bathroom design, equipped with shower facilities,

 sanitary facilities and a mirror.

 The unit with pink element is named [ROSA].

Each container housing unit has a master bedroom with a large bed

and a closet next to it for clothes.

 From the outside of the house,

you can easily see the original appearance of the container.

Through the design of glass doors and windows,

you can also easily watch the outdoor scene indoors.

The container structure and soft colors of this unit named [SHANGRI LA] dominate.

 If you think the glass window is too bright,

 you can also choose to install various curtain models on the wall.

Pictures courtesy of  Living in a Container