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Container Hotel | Buildings will also be covered with pearls! Don't go away. The most livable small hotel by the sea!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::331  2022-10-21

Santa Theresa Beach is a very famous beach in Costa Rica.

Like most of the beautiful coastline, it has the most healing scenery,

which makes you have to stay here.

The nearby [Vidamar] hotel makes you reluctant to leave.

This hotel is a little different because it is "covered" with hay.

In order to make the living environment more comfortable,

the hotel thought of using hay to reduce the direct sunlight on the roof.

 The so-called "straw covered pearl" can cover all precious things,

and the container building is that precious thing.

As you can see, there is a spacious public activity area in the middle of the hotel.

 The floor is covered with false grass carpet and a few simple cloth sofas are placed to

make the environment as lively and green as nature,

especially in line with the hotel's staffing.

The guest rooms are located on both sides of the public activity area,

separated by containers.

The indoor style is simple and bright,

and the clean white tone makes people feel relieved to live here.

The basic supporting facilities in the room are perfect,

and closing the curtain is a safe and hidden private space.

The bathroom will be paved with tiles to

achieve the purpose of moisture-proof and waterproof.

Pictures courtesy of Hostel Vidamar