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Container house | Now I will give you 50 squares. How do you design your home?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::349  2022-10-22

Home is a private topic. From a person's home,

we can completely see what the person's preferences and personality are.

 If you are given 50 pads now,

how do you design this space exclusive to you and your family?

Maybe you can start from this two-story container house.

 It is located in Yangping County,

the easternmost county of Gyeonggi do in the Republic of Korea.

The natural scenery there is beautiful.

The house built is surrounded by scenery,

with a small yard in front and a parking lot behind, which is very livable.

It is a single family residence.

With the outdoor activity deck,

it has a total area of about 50 square meters,

which is about 165 square meters.

It is a relatively spacious container residence,

which is composed of modified containers, and the structure is reinforced.

Entering from the front door, there is a porch for changing shoes.

Because the indoor floor is paved with boards,

you can keep the room clean after changing your shoes.

 In addition, South Koreans prefer to play barefoot indoors.

There is also a common table in Korean folk houses.

The space on the ground floor is mainly used as living room, kitchen and toilet,

with compact layout and simple style.

 If you want to get to the bedroom on the second floor,

you need to go up the stairs beside the kitchen.

 The design is narrow and small, which is conducive to saving space.

There can also be refrigerators under it.

On the second floor,

there is an environment with many windows, so it is very bright.

You can see that a window on the corridor protrudes outward to form a space

where you can sit by the window,

and a lamp is specially installed on it.

In fact, this is a deliberate design,

 for which an additional container wall has been reconstructed.

The balcony is outside.

The two ends of the corridor are two bedrooms,

and the walls of the bedrooms are painted with different colors,

 making the environment more comfortable and livable.

Each bedroom is equipped with cloakroom and bathroom,

which is convenient for living habits.

Pictures courtesy of 경기도 양평 단독주택 '뜨락'