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Container Hotel | Tailored for backpackers! Sit on the mountain and watch Da Nang!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::298  2022-11-03

Da Nang Bay is a deep-water port in Vietnam,

backed by the Five Elements Mountain,

with the Camellia Peninsula as a barrier in the northeast.

The bay is a horseshoe shaped natural harbor.

The beautiful scenery has attracted many tourists,

including many backpackers who are willing to leave.

In order to enable them to get the best and most authentic service,

[C-Hostel] came into being.

[C-Hostel] The hotel is adjacent to the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula in Danang.

When you rent a house here,

you will enjoy the living environment surrounded by mountains and forests.

Walking out of the balcony is the vast sea and fresh air.

The Da Nang Container Hotel is composed of 8 containers,

which are arched in shape.

The guest rooms are distributed in containers on 3 floors,

and there are 41 beds in total.

Each container is named after a planet in the solar system, s

uch as Mars, Saturn, Venus, etc. Tourists can choose their favorite planet to "travel".

You can choose different patterns of living environment,

spacious big bed room or economical upper and lower bed sharing dormitory,

so that you can have a customized rental scheme.

In addition, in order to enrich the daily life of residents,

various supporting facilities are perfect,

such as self-service cooking, ovens, self-service laundry,

wild monkey bars, board games, etc.

You can organize all kinds of interesting parties in the arched open-air platform,

or take photos and self portraits here to keep the most beautiful scenery and time.

Pictures courtesy of C-Hostel