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Container Hotel | Hand in hand to teach you how to build a popular home stay!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::335  2022-11-04

With the proliferation of We Media,

network communication has become an extremely important means of publicity.

Many stores with high popularity have

become online red card punches because of their online fame,

attracting more people and creating greater publicity value.

How to build an online celebrity store?

Today, let's bring a bunch of popular home stay!

First of all, you should have something that can be "outstanding".

For example, bright and colorful architectural colors are easy to capture.

In addition, containers are the main building materials,

which makes the hotel more special.

Secondly, as the largest consumer driver,

women must cater to the aesthetic, and fantasy is a good style guide.

The garden in front of the hotel will be turned into

 a shining starry sky by installing popular star lights.

People who live here can be infected at any time.

This hotel is a two-story building.

In order to soften the industrial sense of the container and make it more livable,

the doors and windows at the details are replaced with wood,

which looks like a home stay with its own characteristics.

The interior decoration will also be arranged in the style of "home".

The bed sheets and furniture with local customs will be selected.

In order to meet different accommodation needs,

rooms with different bed types

will be set up to bring the most comfortable experience to residents,

so that they can spread word of mouth,

and create a popular home stay.

Pictures courtesy of Vũng Tàu Homestay Container