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Container House | Super high quality elegant residence in black pine forest! Three boxes of luxury houses must be warm in winter!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::330  2022-11-05

Today, the quality of life is getting higher and higher.

The simple and resplendent residence is not the only style we yearn for.

We begin to return to the comfort of living and simplify the complexity.

Therefore, a house that does not look luxurious is a high-quality mansion.

[The Box Hop] is a container house built on a hillside in Ohio, the United States.

The right height drop brings the natural advantage of building a terrace for the house,

which looks like an island independent from The ground from a high place.

The whole building is buried in the black pine forest,

and the black appearance is just integrated with the surrounding environment to

achieve real natural integration and symbiosis.

It is assembled by three 40 'x 8' high cubic containers,

and the lower layer is arranged in two side by side.

The space on the first floor is relatively large,

mainly used as living room, open kitchen and dining area.

 It can be seen that most of the box walls are replaced by glass,

so as to absorb the external natural light to a greater extent.

The main style is simple texture. Wooden tables, chairs and sofas,

as well as the white tone of the wall, make people feel clean and tidy.

The second floor of the house is only transformed by a container,

which is the most comfortable and beautiful bedroom of the whole house.

Seen from the outside, it is a cantilever container box,

and steel arms are added below to ensure stability.

You can walk up the outdoor spiral stairs to the terrace,

or you can walk on the indoor stairs.

The glass door in the corridor is the entrance to the terrace.

The cantilevered container protruding outward is the bedroom

with the vision of floor to ceiling glass window,

which has a small space but a very large proportion of beautiful scenery.

 It completely makes up for the defects in space

and gives residents a more unique experience.

The bathroom adopts the popular ins style, black and white,

grid, tiles, green plants, and large bathtubs,

 which are simply tailored for the trendsetters!

Let me tell you another secret. In fact,

this high-quality mansion also has an outdoor bathtub!

Life is full of surprises!

Pictures courtesy of The Box Hop