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Container residence | There is a pool by the sea! The low-key show off of Jane's home stay!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::301  2022-11-08

There is a strange phenomenon in the construction industry.

When it comes to luxury houses, people must have various private places in their minds,

such as private gardens, private courts and private swimming pools.

Don't you want to show off your wealth by gorgeous decoration?

A simple residence with a private swimming pool.

The reason why it is simple is that its style is really "simple".

 Each independent house is made of three containers,

sitting on the mountain and facing the sea,

which is a characteristic home stay on the Gorgona Beach in Panama.

The colorful building shell highlights its national characteristics

and also affects the residents' happy mood.

Like many star hotels by the sea, B&B has an independent private swimming pool,

which is clean and safe, and can enjoy everything along the coast.

The living room on the first floor of the residence

is often spliced by two transformed containers,

forming a spacious and comfortable living room space.

 The walls are thickened by plywood to make the indoor environment more livable,

and painted with various bright colors to increase the architectural color.

The elevated ground floor is equipped with

an outdoor terrace with an awning on the top.

You can walk out from the living area 

and the open kitchen through the sliding glass door,

and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

The second floor is a bedroom transformed from a container,

which does not require a large indoor space,

but must have a large area of floor to floor glass windows,

which can provide natural light for the interior and broaden the indoor view.

You can have beautiful landscape paintings when you sleep in bed,

which is the best enjoyment of vacation.

Of course, you can also choose the bedroom with better concealment,

 and go through the corridor to the terrace;

Or you can get the best use of the indoor space to make a bed on the top,

and get out of bed and go to the kitchen, especially for eating!

In addition, there are bathroom and board game room,

which are set in another independent container building to

add some fun for daily life.

Pictures courtesy of PANAMA REALTOR