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Container House | This kind of duplex, I would like to be a Container House | This kind of duplex, I would like to be a "frog at the bottom of the box"!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::275  2022-11-15

When a container with no repair and the most original closed container

has only opened a row of skylights on the top of the container,

it is easy to think of the proverb "frog in the well"

when standing inside and looking out?

But today's story is a little different.

This is called "frog at the bottom of the box".

Near the historic Irish Channel,

you will be surprised to find 7 containers in the shotgun house.

These containers are located in the port of New Orleans,

not part of the lost cargo,

but an interesting and forward-looking home.

The height of three boxes is doomed that the interior is not an ordinary structure.

The duplex living room has a spacious space,

and the wall cabinet at the same height as the living room

is full of various books, hats, decorations, and has a straight ladder to climb up.

Next to it was a long window that looked out into the outside world.

The bottom of the second floor is an open kitchen.

This design fully considers the absorption of lampblack during cooking.

 Too high kitchen ceiling is easy to cause diffusion.

With complete cooking equipment and a long table,

you can have a dinner for many people here.

Pictures courtesy of KAN House