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Container Hotel | Original Folk Village - Iron Boxes under Bricks!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::305  2022-11-16

Brazil is a typical agricultural country with

strong national characteristics and simple folkways.

The local buildings are influenced by customs and terrain

and have a special agricultural sentiment belonging to Brazil.

To develop industrial style container buildings,

you need to "add bricks and tiles".

This is the [Pousada Papaya Container] Hotel in Ubatuba,

surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.

The hotel has complete supporting facilities,

a large garden and terrace,

and the road is paved with stones,

just like walking on a country road.

At first glance, you may think

that it is just an ordinary folk house with a common brick roof.

But you will find that it is actually an iron box "delayed" by bricks and tiles,

and an industrial work hidden under the agricultural shell.

In the garden, there are containers supported by wooden frames, all wood stairs,

 railings and signboards to show the original ecology vividly.

There is also a small "zoo". The lifelike animal carving can best satisfy your curiosity.

The hotel is transformed from recycled containers.

 Each room has an independent bathroom.

The bed types in the room are diverse,

which can meet your different living requirements.

Shared renting is the best economical choice.

In addition, the special restaurants in the hotel provide tourists with local specialties,

including rich breakfast and afternoon tea,

so that you can experience authentic Brazilian life.

Pictures courtesy of Pousada Papaya Container